2021/22 Season – Welcome Back!

Welcome back to over-the-board chess at Derby Chess Club. Derbyshire Chess Association fixtures have been finalised, and will be appearing in the fixtures lists shortly. We’ll be running three teams (A/B/C) in two of the three divisions.

Pop along if you want to learn or improve your chess, as there’s always someone to play.

Few Covid-19 notes: (for Matches, please read: http://derbychessclub.dscaper.com/2021/10/24/covid-guidance-for-players/)

Please wear a face covering when you are moving around the church and make sure you use the hand sanitizer dispenser to the right of the main entrance when you arrive. You should also sign in using the QR code at the entrance.

The tables will be spaced out to avoid boards being in close contact and all available windows will be kept open to improve ventilation.

I suspect the wearing of masks in the club space and while playing, will evolve over time and to a certain extent this will be a personal choice. At Rolls Royce CC masks are worn while playing but not required away from the board (although players still tend to wear them). My personal view is that if both players in a game agree, then they do not need to play with masks. Observing games should only be at a distance.

For folk who may live further afield in the Derbyshire area, pop over to https://derbyshirechess.chessck.co.uk/ChessClubsandTeams for clubs that may be more local to you.

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